Photographer’s winter essentials

Hello my photographer friends,

We all know that winter photoshoots can be a little bit cold. But honestly, I couldn’t be more happy with all the prettiness that winter brings. Living in Russia for a while taught me a few things. One of them is I know how to dress up warm. I hate being cold, so I always have a lot of layers. I also always tell the couples I work with to dress up warm. Not only do you not want that look of “summer clothes” in a winter, but you also don’t want to be cold. This winter I had a few photoshoots when the temperature was 14F and below. But guess what? I never was cold! And I promise I usually get really cold, so it had nothing to do with my “body temperature” and all that stuff. Here are a few photographer’s winter essentials that helped me a lot this winter.


My fabulous winter boots

I don’t know if I have ever been so passionate about any footwear as I am about my UGG boots. Not only they look ADORABLE, but they are also warm (can handle up to -4F) and they are waterproof. They also have a fantastic grip. It helped me a few times so I wouldn’t slip and fall on my butt. 🙂 I honestly just absolutely love them. I also love that they don’t have any zippers so I can easily slip into them. I highly recommend you invest in a good pair of winter footwear if you spend a lot of time outside.


My cozy winter coat

I got this coat last winter at Macy’s the night before I left on an emergency trip to Russia. There weren’t a lot of options, but I got this coat for a few reason:

  1. I always wanted to have a white coat but wouldn’t dare to buy it because I used to take a lot of public transportation in Moscow. Therefore, I didn’t want to dry clean it every other week. Now, my life has change after I moved to the States and I only travel in a car.
  2. My second reason was the quality of the coat. When you are buying a winter coat you need to make sure that it has good insulation. This coat’s insulation consists of 80% duck down and 20% duck feather. Down coats are the best for winter.

I was able to find this coat on Amazon as well. Click here. It also comes in two other colors 😉 I bought it and never regretted it. It will make your winter experience 100% better. Also, make sure to wear layers. That’s another secret of keeping yourself warm. And always, always bring gloves.


Hand warmers

There is nothing much to say, besides that you’ll want to have hand warmers! Not only can they be helpful for you, but they can also bring some happiness to the couple you are taking photos of.

Hot chocolate? Yes, please!

I usually like to bring a thermos with hot chocolate to my winter shoots, especially if they are in the woods. My hubby found me this perfect thermos that could fit 4 large cups of hot chocolate. What could be better than to cheer up your clients with a cup of a hot chocolate? Only a cup of tea would be better if you ask me, but I love hot chocolate, too. 🙂


Camera gear backpack

After I got into photography I didn’t have a very organized way to store my gear. My organized hubby couldn’t handle it so he got me this Lowepro backpack. I couldn’t find exact model, but this one looks similar. I love this backpack because it is very easy to move around with it. Also, as we know, gear can be pretty heavy, so a fitted and padded backpack is a good option to keep your back happy.


Extra batteries

Always remember that battery life decreases in cold weather. That’s why I always bring along extra batteries so this is not an issue. Warming up a cold battery with a hand warmer or by putting it in an inner pocket can also help give a dead battery a little bit of extended use in a pinch.



I hope photographer’s winter essentials tips will help you to love winter shoots as much as I love them 😉



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